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What Is Round Dancing?

Round Dancing is a form of social ballroom dancing in which the steps are choreographed precisely to the music, and those steps are announced by a "cuer," as we dance. The presence of the cuer makes a round dance look different than the usual ballroom dance — all the couples are dancing in unison and the choreography can be relatively complex and interesting (since the man doesn't have to think it up as he goes) — but otherwise round dancers are ballroom dancing. We hold our partners in the normal way. We take the same kinds of steps. The rhythms are the familiar rhythms — waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba, and others listed in the navigation bar to the left. more

This manual describes how to round dance. The steps, figures, and techniques also work well at weddings, dinner dances, and other social ballroom functions.

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"The Viennese Waltz" and other articles on round dancing — Round About, © by Roy & Phyllis Stier

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The Dixie Round Dance Council has published one or more educational articles per month for many years. Check out my archive (and if you have a newsletter collection and know what was printed in a month that I don't list, please let me know).

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